Mail Order Love: Falling In Love Slowly

Mail Order Love has just been published on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple and Kobo.

It's a sweet historical romance set in Oregon in 1886.

Jared Ford lives with his grandmother, "Grammy", on a vast ranch in Oregon. Jared's a lonely, cute cowboy who is macho but also a kind and gentle man. He's thrown himself into working on the ranch since his parents died in a train crash.

He hasn't thought much about getting a woman in his life - that is, until he meets Ellie Bates, a housekeeper looking for a job. Ellie is all alone in the world after losing her family to typhoid. She has five weeks before she'll be forced into a marriage with a cruel and disgusting man, so she is willing to take any job she can find at short notice.

Grammy is a bundle of laughs, a fun-loving old lady who breeds Irish wolfhounds in her spare time. She wants Jared to have a wife, so she picks a mail order bride out of the newspaper for him. The only problem is, due to her bad eyes, she thinks Ellie's housekeeper advert is for a mail order bride.

I love writing about individuals and circumstances that are out of the ordinary. What will happen when a fated man and woman first meet at the train station? In this story, although they are both attractive, neither of them feel the impulse to fall in love with each other instantaneously.

In fact, Jared is slightly disappointed because Ellie is quite ordinary looking and plainly dressed. Ellie finds Jared intriguing, but she is more concerned about getting a job than fancying a man at that moment.

When they finally do fall in love, it's because they slowly fall in love with each other's essence. That "something" inside that makes them unique.

I hope you like the book if you read it. I'd love to know what you thought ... what you liked about it, what you didn't like too(!). Feel free to leave a comment.

What kind of western romance do you like best, what kind of situations make you want to keep turning the page?