Mail Order Bliss: Happily Ever After

I'm happy to announce that Mail Order Bliss has just been released on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple and Kobo.

It's an historical romance set in Oregon in 1886: the second in the Mail Order Brides of Oregon series. It’s got a whole lot of sweet romance between our hero and heroine, and a little bit of mystery too.

In this book we find out what happens next for Ellie and Jared. In Book #1, Jared's Irish grandmother ordered him a mail order bride from the newspaper. Except she read the advert wrong and ended up ordering Ellie Bates, who was advertising to be a housekeeper. As we now know, everything turned out for the good in the end, but in Book #2 a new set of problems arise for Ellie and Jared.

Gergmins, Ellie's ex-fiancé from Boston, is in a bit of trouble. A very unflattering cartoon of him has been published in the Boston Times. Unfavorable references have been made to his appearance and the fact that his fiancée Ellie ran away from him. Now he is the laughing stock of Boston.

Gergmins decides to take revenge on Ellie in order to vindicate himself: he wants her back in Boston and married to him, or if he can't have that, he wants her ruined. I won't spoil the story by revealing too much, but he turns up in her idyllic Oregon town and threatens to destroy her happy life with Jared. He is an extremely devious man and goes to great lengths to try and frame her as a witch.

Jared is running away from commitment with Ellie. He loves her but something is holding him back from asking for her hand in marriage. Will our hero and heroine get together in the end?

And what will happen when Jared decides it would be a great idea to order a mail order husband for his grandmother, Grammy? Might she find love too?

I do hope you enjoy this second installment in the series, if you decide to read it. Please let me know what you think!